Memorial Portrait

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This is the latest Memorial portrait I did of a young man from Arkansas. Was such an intriguing image, i wanted to share. Continued prayers for healing for this family.

Here is the Kickstarter link, Check it out. Scott Stearman did an amazing job putting this together


Portrait of Mom (Jean)

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That is what I am calling these Large oil portraits I am doing.

What a blast!!! I have really found my “Sweet Spot”

I think I enjoy doing these more then any thing.

The referance for this painting of my Mom is from a photo Taylor my daughter took. Thanks Taylor for being such a great photographer!






The size for this Oil is 4 feet x 3 feet

I will be hanging a show of all these new oils in May at Park State Bank

I also entered this piece into the Portrait Society of America show. I should find out March 24th if it got in.

Paris Children’s book cont.

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These are the references I took of my three models to position them in this Paris bus. This really was a challenge to make everything to scale and make it look believable.





Here is the final image. I wanted the feeling of movement. The text will be in a text box on the left side. When doing a page layout you always need to consider the text placement. really am excited for this books publication.



I wanted to share this image. This was forcing me to try something “out of the box” literally I painted this on a box. HAHA, seriously, this was something I was asked to paint an image on a box for the MLK celebration at the cultural center. I thought about it and pulled it together all in two hours. Crazy how some things just fall into place. really enjoyed doing something really different for me.




Here is my reference for the image of when the three kids went to see the Mona Lisa


Here is the Sketch for that image


This was so fun to paint the Mona Lisa. I remember in art school we used to go to the Art Institute in Chicago during lunch or on free time and see classes where you paint the Masters paintings. I was always a little confused at this teaching technique, but I must say, this really was fun to study this painting and duplicate it (On a basic level)

This may be the closest I ever get to experience this painting in real life.

Family portrait from 1965 photo

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photo 2_3



This was a commissioned portrait from a family that I grew up with outside Chicago. This was a gift for the parents 65th wedding anniversary. What a blast this was to do. I was best friends for many years with the girl in the middle. As you can see the reference was Black and white and quiet dated. I was able to get an idea of the clothing colors from the eldest daughter. This really was a blessing and am so honored to have been chosen to help celebrate a 65 year old marriage that is worthy of much celebrating.